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Activate Atom Snippets After Emmet

As you know, I am an artist and I like to tinker with technical snippets of software. I was once regarded as too technically minded to learn how to become a sculpture professor after studying as an apprentice at a fine art foundry. I thought that was nonsense and set out to learn information to become more technically oriented. With that in mind, I went off to grad school to receive an MFA in computer art. Afterward, I was an animation professor for 3 years until I set out to try more skills. One of those skills was learning Java and Python using the Atom code editing application.

I found that Atom is a great tool for Linux users who want to customize their open-source code editor. Recently, I took a course on and the instructor was using a Mac with Coda on it. I set out to follow the instructions while using Atom. I wanted to see if it was possible to use the same or similar shortcut commands that the instructor used. Along the way, I had to customize Atom to behave like Coda. If you are a Mac user and don’t want to bother with customizing or prefer a simpler UI, then just go ahead and pay $99 to use all of the functions of Coda. If not, then get Atom at no cost and have some fun with coding. Follow this useful website that I found for creating your Atom coding, continue here with this tip.

Here is a useful Atom to Emmet tip that I couldn’t find anywhere online and had to sort of piece together an assortment of information to develop a solution. Continue Reading