Repair for the gallery is now complete

I have found a simple repair for the culprit behind the gallery error that I was experiencing. It was a simple popup MailChimp javascript code that prevented the gallery from displaying properly. Now when you go to my Gallery page and click on an image, you can scroll through the images with a carousel feature. Each image then has a dark background making it easier to view each image. Not only that, you can insert comments under each photo that’s for the gallery is now complete

Thanks to a WordPress plugin called Jetpack for creating such a wonderful way to display photos. It’s simple and easy to configure. Speaking of a repair and plugins, the Yoast SEO plugin keeps demanding that I write at least 300 words. I don’t exactly know why that’s such a big issue, but I comply and just spill out words that pop out of my mind. I might not reach all of those words, but at least I can come close with these blog postings.

To solve the problem, I installed an open-source application on my Mac called Bitnami MAMP stack. MAMP stands for Mac Apache MySQL PHP. I learned about other AMPS while using my Windows and Linux OS’s. Windows uses WAMP or XAMP and Linux uses LAMP. In the MAMP stack, I installed WordPress and then installed the website there so that I could play around with the site offline. After some manipulations, I managed to find the incompatible javascript code.

I am thinking that I might study up and become a WordPress designer and developer on the side.

pleasing drawing

Pleasing gallery page for your curiosity

A pleasing display of light and shadow

I’ve finally posted a pleasing gallery page that contains a selection of some of my favorite works of art. Some are figure drawings, cast metal, digital art and clay. Last month I had posted a gallery page, but as soon as I ran an update on the site there were problems. I removed the page, but decided to post it as it currently is even though it’s not the exact format that I originally wanted. I am presently testing the site offline to resolve the issue. The drawings section shows a progression of skill within a 2-year period. I was regularly attending figure drawing sessions at JCAS in Jersey City, NJ, but a major road closed for renovations which created a hindrance to the commute. This Spring, that road is planned to reopen and I may return to the drawing sessions on a regular basis. Continue Reading