Technical Writing

Here are a few examples of technical writing I performed for Macy’s, Inc. The project was to create instruction manuals for members of the ICQA department, mostly for training seasonal employees who preferred a visual approach to learning the tools and procedures. These documents helped improved productivity and was a go-to source for when a colleague needed additional info when I wasn’t available to assist them resolve problems. These were considered as unofficial documents and the copyright added was merely added to make it look professional. I did not sign a non-disclosure agreement. I received the Macy’s Make Magic Award: Ideas and Innovations for producing these documents.

I am presently working on technical writing documents at Takara Belmont USA. I am unable to show them on this website because I signed an NDA. One document is scheduled to be published on the company website, which I’ll share a link from here when that time comes.

I have other blog postings on this site that show technical scripts that I’ve written in the form of a tutorial.

Logistics Portal Guide

ICQA Research SOP Production Manual

Mainframe Error Solution Guide