pleasing drawing

Pleasing gallery page for your curiosity

A pleasing display of light and shadow

I’ve finally posted a pleasing gallery page that contains a selection of some of my favorite works of art. Some are figure drawings, cast metal, digital art and clay. Last month I had posted a gallery page, but as soon as I ran an update on the site there were problems. I removed the page, but decided to post it as it currently is even though it’s not the exact format that I originally wanted. I am presently testing the site offline to resolve the issue. The drawings section shows a progression of skill within a 2-year period. I was regularly attending figure drawing sessions at JCAS in Jersey City, NJ, but a major road closed for renovations which created a hindrance to the commute. This Spring, that road is planned to reopen and I may return to the drawing sessions on a regular basis. Continue Reading