I have a passion for drawing. I attend nude figure drawing sessions in an academic setting to study the human form and further my study of light and form. I have created storyboards as well. Come and take a look at my collection of drawings in my Gallery page.


Web Content

I create image content with open source applications such as Inkscape and GIMP. I also write blog content. I can provide copy-writing services as needed since I had experience with this while I was an instructor at Living Arts College creating a tutorial book on using Adobe Photoshop.


Marketing (SEO)

I have 6 years experience using Google Webmaster tools and Analytics. I can help you target a specific audience and their demographics. Plus analyze an audience that visits your site from an organic search. I can help resolve errors that appear in Google Webmaster Tools that may affect site traffic. I can help you reach your goal to make money online.


Online Support

I provide online support consulting to help troubleshoot problems with websites, locate designers, developers and provide graphic design services when necessary. I can help by determining which plugins you will need for your WordPress site. And provide advice on choosing the right web hosting service and guide you with a site registration transfer if you so choose this route.

After graduating in 2005 with a Master’s Degree (Considered as Honors according to the president) in Computer Art and 3D Design, I spent the last twelve years working both as a freelance compositor and web designer and as part of a team in various companies along the East Coast USA.