4 Steps To Create Email Addresses

4 Steps To Create New Email Addresses

Create new email addresses in your Cpanel I had a client ask me how to create new email addresses in their server account. With that said, I decided to create this little tutorial on how to accomplish this little task. Enter the Cpanel by typing into the web browser address bar. Example: http://www.yourdomain.co/cpanel Login with […]

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WordPress Plugins Operating Thomas Stone’s CV

Over the past year of blogging ever since I converted the FiggiRiggi.com website to have it’s own domain, I gathered a tremendous knowledge about converting the basic information-based website into a blog site. By doing so, I had to learn the hard way to see which plugins were the best fit for my blog. After […]

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Repair for the gallery is now complete

I have found a simple repair for the culprit behind the gallery error that I was experiencing. It was a simple popup MailChimp javascript code that prevented the gallery from displaying properly. Now when you go to my Gallery page and click on an image, you can scroll through the images with a carousel feature. […]

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Propagating Figs and Love

You might not be aware, but I spent much of my time during last spring through the summer getting my feet wet with another website called FiggiRiggi.com. There, I wrote about propagating fig trees and learning about putting together a WordPress-based website. I learned a lot more than I thought I would. Everything from researching […]

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