pixelogic zbrush

Zbrush for Digital Adventures

This weekend, I stumbled upon a blog posting about Zbrush at zbrushcentral. I was wondering if Pixelogic developed a version for the Linux OS. I am using Ubuntu as my OS. What I found was some users who were experimenting with installing Zbrush onto linux using WINE. So, I installed WINE and then found that the version that’s been tested with Ubuntu 16.04 was only 1.6. I then went to the winehq website to find that their latest stable release is 3.0. From there, I found an Ubuntu forum about installing the latest release. After reading the tutorials, I finally installed the 3.0-rc6 stable release. The zbrushcentral posting mentioned a few tweaks that needed to be set in order to run the zbrush installer. I set winecfg to point to Windows 8.1 an set the resolution to my screen dimensions in order to run Zbrush 4R7, which is the copy that I presently own. After the installation, I set winecfg to Windows 10 where I then ran zbrush64.exe. The person who posted in zbrush central was not able to use web activation, but I thought I’d give it a shot. So, far it’s working since I’m waiting for an email to repair my serial number. I used to have it installed on a Windows 10 machine and never deactivated it, that’s why I’m waiting for the repair.

At some point, I’ll also install a copy of Adobe CS so that I can run After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere. I have played around with CS alternatives in Ubuntu that are certainly comparable. Those applications are GIMP, Inkscape and Blender. Most of the time I use Inkscape and GIMP which have satisfied my graphic needs at figgiriggi.com. I used GIMP to adjust the profile photo that I have on My Page

If you don’t own a copy of Pixelogic Zbrush, I highly recommend it. You can visit their site at http://pixelogic.com for more details and about obtaining a license. Keep in mind that all upgrades are free once you have a license.

Propagating Figs and Love

You might not be aware, but I spent much of my time during last spring through the summer getting my feet wet with another website called FiggiRiggi.com. There, I wrote about propagating fig trees and learning about putting together a WordPress-based website. I learned a lot more than I thought I would. Everything from researching and choosing the right plugins, marketing, making money from blogging, and hiding affiliate links within an external link. There is a security reason behind that. I also spent much time troubleshooting problems as a result of a theme that I purchased from a web designer. Those problems were creating errors at Google Webmaster Tools. I managed to finally correct the problems with code editing and other plugins, though I might have been better off if I had chosen another theme from another designer where I wouldn’t have those problems to begin with. After stressing about that, I had to take a brief break from it to focus on other web projects and jobs. What I gained from starting a blog site was the connections with other bloggers who willingly share information for free. Although, their main purpose is to make money, so not everything is free. They are business people and have strategies that work and are not concerned much about how they went ahead and reached their success.

My fiancee recently went on a trip to visit a friend in Memphis, TN and discovered that her friend needed to upgrade her website and connected me with her. I helped to get her away from GoDaddy. Their servers were super slow for what she needed. I found a good theme that she liked and again chose to use WordPress. What she requested in the beginning was to have a website that she can go in and add her own content, much like a blog site. Her site is currently under construction, but when it’s published feel free to take a look at the site at connectingthedotsnbs.org

My first web experience with CMS websites was when I created a dating website called Smoothe Date. This site is quite fast in load time since it’s not very resource intensive. It’s light on the servers and visitors like that it operates so smoothly without errors and virtually bug free. This website is not made on WordPress, but another platform. I’m not advertising the site, but if you’re looking for a love, give Smoothe Date a try.

BioScan Bugs

The above snapshot is one of my favorite images. It’s featured in a stop motion thesis animation that I created back in 2005. The challenge was to make a visual work of art without using a storyboard, but based upon a certain theme about nature.

When I was a child, I had a fascination about biology and was curious to observe the tiny lifeforms both found in ponds and in the garden. So, I went back to my childhood while creating these animation discoveries with different light sources. I used a flatbed scanner as my camera and then added layers of materials on top of the glass. There was a bug in the Epson software that I used when I set the scan on negative mode. It didn’t auto-correct the color, so when I  tried out the various light sources, I found these intimate nature greens, blues and reds. So, the title of the animation is BioScan Bugs.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Here is a test animation that led up to the final project. This is more like a sound test. The audio was not added to the final project due to lack up permission to publish.

Time for change

I’ve decided to change my art portfolio CV website to a new and improved version. I decided to use someone else’s web design in WordPress. I’m not a WordPress developer and I have just gotten into using WordPress this year with my fig blog. So, to get my site up quickly, this was the best option. I like to write topics that I’m passionate about, so I’ve been busy with my fig blog and then decided that my art portfolio website also needed an upgrade. In the past, I used a site design from Zen Photo, but it was a pain in the butt each time I ran an update. I’ve been wanting to write in this blog for quite some time so that people can get an idea of what I’ve been up to these days on my creative side. So, with that said I plan to post graphic images that I’ve created for my fig blog and anything else that’s creative in nature.

I have plans on a continuous cycle to update my portfolio images very soon. Check back soon to see more.