4 Steps To Create New Email Addresses

Create new email addresses in your Cpanel

I had a client ask me how to create new email addresses in their server account. With that said, I decided to create this little tutorial on how to accomplish this little task.

  1. Enter the Cpanel by typing into the web browser address bar. Example: http://www.yourdomain.co/cpanel
  2. Login with the domain account ID and password that you created when registering your domain. Once you are in the cpanel, you can arrange the category boxes in the way you want them by clicking and dragging on the heading bar on top of each box. Scroll to the Email box and click on the Email Accounts icon.Create new email addresses

  3. Next, fill in the form as shown below. The best passwords are created by the password generator. They tend to be very long and complicated, so copy and paste them into a secure location. I like to choose Unlimited storage (it’s free anyway). When you are finished press the Create Account button.Fill out the form to create your new email address
  4. An easy way to access your webmail is to click on the More button and then choose Access Webmail.Access Webmail

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