Pleasing gallery page for your curiosity

A pleasing display of light and shadow

I’ve finally posted a pleasing gallery page that contains a selection of some of my favorite works of art. Some are figure drawings, cast metal, digital art and clay. Last month I had posted a gallery page, but as soon as I ran an update on the site there were problems. I removed the page, but decided to post it as it currently is even though it’s not the exact format that I originally wanted. I am presently testing the site offline to resolve the issue. The drawings section shows a progression of skill within a 2-year period. I was regularly attending figure drawing sessions at JCAS in Jersey City, NJ, but a major road closed for renovations which created a hindrance to the commute. This Spring, that road is planned to reopen and I may return to the drawing sessions on a regular basis.

When I first decided to go back into figure drawing, I was reflecting the days when I studied fine art in college and it all started to come back to me while I experimented with different grades of paper, blend sticks and pencils. Some paper was more pleasing to work with than others. Here is a drawing I made early on while experimenting with charcoal. I have a natural tendency to create very dark shadows and very white highlighted surfaces. Some people say it’s because of my sculpting background. I just think I get carried away and want to expose the form in a 3-Dimensional space. This drawing was once selected for an online exhibition.

pleasing charcoal drawing


After making this drawing, I started to focus more on precise anatomical features almost as a form of illustration as seen in these examples:

Following the creation of those drawings I occasionally freed my concentration with the freedom of gestures. Sometimes it was a reflection of my mood as being in sort of a feel-good moment or if I was just feeling a pleasing sensation while my pencil or charcoal that flowed over certain textures of the paper I used. Although by doing so, certain body features were left out such as the face, hands and feet. Usually this was because I didn’t leave room on the paper or went off the edge into space.

The Gallery page that I published and can be found in the menu above contains additional drawings. Some of them show a weakness in skill as they were mostly early studies and others showed a more advance in my skills. I chose to post most of them on the page even if I’m not terribly excited for them these days. At the time of creation, I thought they were amazing.

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