Zbrush for Digital Adventures

This weekend, I stumbled upon a blog posting about Zbrush at zbrushcentral. I was wondering if Pixelogic developed a version for the Linux OS. I am using Ubuntu as my OS. What I found was some users who were experimenting with installing Zbrush onto linux using WINE. So, I installed WINE and then found that the version that’s been tested with Ubuntu 16.04 was only 1.6. I then went to the winehq website to find that their latest stable release is 3.0. From there, I found an Ubuntu forum about installing the latest release. After reading the tutorials, I finally installed the 3.0-rc6 stable release. The zbrushcentral posting mentioned a few tweaks that needed to be set in order to run the zbrush installer. I set winecfg to point to Windows 8.1 an set the resolution to my screen dimensions in order to run Zbrush 4R7, which is the copy that I presently own. After the installation, I set winecfg to Windows 10 where I then ran zbrush64.exe. The person who posted in zbrush central was not able to use web activation, but I thought I’d give it a shot. So, far it’s working since I’m waiting for an email to repair my serial number. I used to have it installed on a Windows 10 machine and never deactivated it, that’s why I’m waiting for the repair.

At some point, I’ll also install a copy of Adobe CS so that I can run After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Premiere. I have played around with CS alternatives in Ubuntu that are certainly comparable. Those applications are GIMP, Inkscape and Blender. Most of the time I use Inkscape and GIMP which have satisfied my graphic needs at figgiriggi.com. I used GIMP to adjust the profile photo that I have on My Page

If you don’t own a copy of Pixelogic Zbrush, I highly recommend it. You can visit their site at http://pixelogic.com for more details and about obtaining a license. Keep in mind that all upgrades are free once you have a license.

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