BioScan Bugs

The above snapshot is one of my favorite images. It’s featured in a stop motion thesis animation that I created back in 2005. The challenge was to make a visual work of art without using a storyboard, but based upon a certain theme about nature.

When I was a child, I had a fascination

about biology and was curious to observe the tiny lifeforms both found in ponds and in the garden. So, I went back to my childhood while creating these animation discoveries with different light sources. I used a flatbed scanner as my camera and then added layers of materials on top of the glass. There was a bug in the Epson software that I used when I set the scan on negative mode. It didn’t auto-correct the color, so when I  tried out the various light sources, I found these intimate nature greens, blues and reds. So, the title of the animation is BioScan Bugs.

I hope you enjoy the video.

Here is a test animation that led up to the final project. This is more like a sound test. The audio was not added to the final project due to lack up permission to publish.

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